Do Good.

The project: #ProjectRepurpose refashions traditional Lao textiles into modern accessories. Tony Innouvong evolves the way Lao garments are worn, bridging a cultural gap, and provides a tool to share culture and history through the art of fashion. 10% of proceeds from #ProjectRepurpose products will benefit Legacies of War and Lao Heritage Foundation.

The purpose: The project serves as a platform to rechannel, redefine, and revitalize our past journeys in ways that bring new value to our lives. TI hopes to encourage people to find objects and ideals in their lives that can benefit from repurposing. To inspired people to #DoGood.

The future: Join the movement by sharing a story of how you've repurposed. Share your story with a photo link in the message box below. Tag us with your photo and story on social (IG/Twitter: @tonyinnouvong) using #ProjectRepurpose and #DoGood hashtags.

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