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 Project Repurpose


The Story

#ProjectRepurpose re-fashions traditional Lao and other Southeast Asian textiles into modern pieces that tell stories and create legacies. Tony Innouvong evolves the way Lao garments are worn, bridging a cultural gap, and provides a tool to share culture and history through the art of fashion.

The project serves as a platform to redefine our past journeys in ways that bring new value to our lives. The hope is to encourage people to find objects and ideals in their lives that can benefit from repurposing, as well be more mindful of how our consumption affects our society and environment.


When I think of Tony, the first word that comes to mind is visionary. He’s a natural born storyteller. It is his story that his one of a kind creations have stemmed from; a story that lives on through Project Repurpose - a community collaboration that contemporizes traditional Lao textiles.

/ Christy I. / 


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