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Graduation Stoles


Tony is amazingly talented. He puts heart into every piece he creates. Tony took the time to actually FaceTime me to make sure that I absolutely loved the material he was working with. Not only does he take pride in his work, he makes you take pride in it as well. He made me a gorgeous graduation sash. Everyone loved its uniqueness and beautiful pattern. I'm so lucky to have a Tony Innouvong piece before he gets too famous!

/ Beverly P. /


It is absolutely gorgeous! I literally cannot wait to walk down the aisle with it on!

/ Vincent L. /


Just wanted to let you know I received the stole and I’m just in love! Can’t wait to wear it in two weeks! Thank you so much!

/ Lisa M. /


I just received it in the mail and it’s gorgeous! Thank you so much, it’s exactly what we were envisioning.

/ Crystal S. /