#DoGood: Trust Your Hustle

Nate flexing his epic #NatePose in Alaska.

Nate flexing his epic #NatePose in Alaska.

Trust your hustle.
— Nate Sengmany

Imagine that you’re scaling what seems to be the toughest mountain you’ve hiked in ages. The sun is radiating your skin while dust pans from the ground as you try to avoid armies of small stones. Your friends are trailing behind you, but you keep on and wipe the salt tears from your face. A part of you is suffering physically and your mind is teasing you every step. Eight miles become five and five become three. Two hours in and you see the end, a peak overlooking the valley. You made it. What do you do? You inhale the fresh air your neighborhood lacks. You cheer in exuberance and pat your buddies high five. And then, you snap a shameless selfie of you doing the “#NatePose” with a priceless backdrop, arms wide like you’re scooping the world. But the pose is more than theatrics. It’s an exhibition of accomplishment and pride. It’s you telling the universe that you’re about that life. That you’re willing to push yourself today, so you can be better tomorrow.

The man behind the #NatePose is Nate Sengmany, father, organizer, entrepreneur, and marketing director at CloudNine Clothing. Read below to learn more about Nate.

What does "Het Dee Dai Dee" mean to you? How does it apply to you?

It means everything to me. It's a philosophy I truly believe in. Karma. What goes around comes around. What you put out there will always come back to you. I think Albert Einstein said it best, "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Nate in the "Het Dee Dai Dee" shirt. Use code "DOGOODNATE" at checkout to receive 20% off all Do Good products. (Photo credit: Lindsay Mersino)

Nate in the "Het Dee Dai Dee" shirt. Use code "DOGOODNATE" at checkout to receive 20% off all Do Good products. (Photo credit: Lindsay Mersino)

How are you doing good for you? For others?

I stay open minded and positive. I have big dreams but I live in the moment. I've learned that almost all things in life, require balance. Whether it's fitness, work or play, I like to have a good balance within each of those realms. So every day I work on being a better me, more positive, more balanced, more understanding of others.

What do you do to stay focused and motivated?

Everyday I'm surrounded by people or things that remind me of where I come from and the challenges I had to overcome and how I never want to go back. I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now which helps keep me humbled. It keeps things in perspective but I never lose sight of the bigger picture. I see that others are still struggling and hungry yet have no guidance in how to maximize their potential and resources. I want to create a better community and environment so less people have to grow up the way I did and feel the pain I did. And when I'm able to help someone else, the smile on their faces and the happiness I'm able to provide, big or small, just melts me. It consumes me and I just get the urge to help others. Of course, I want to do so on a bigger scale (whilst helping in small ways however I can) and that's what keeps me focused and motivated.

Nate in the "Het Dee Dai Dee" shirt. Use code "DOGOODNATE" at checkout to receive 20% off all Do Good products. (Photo credit: Lindsay Mersino)

Nate in the "Het Dee Dai Dee" shirt. Use code "DOGOODNATE" at checkout to receive 20% off all Do Good products. (Photo credit: Lindsay Mersino)

What inspired your hiking series? What are you goals for it?

I've always loved Mother Nature and the outdoors. I spent a lot of time adventuring in the wilderness as a kid. As I got older, hiking was a way for me to meditate and have time to myself. Reconnect with the "Real World". Someone created the 52 Hike Challenge late 2014 and a fellow hiker, challenged me to it. To me, it wasn't much of a challenge because it was something I already loved to do. So, for all of 2015, I hiked once a week without fail. About two months in, I realized the positive impact it was having on others, so I started to plan group ones so that others could join and reap the benefits of hiking. I also saw it as an opportunity to show people that anything can be done. As easy as 52 Hikes a week for a whole year seemed to me, to most it was daunting and seemed nearly impossible. Ultimately, my goals became to shed light on how hiking and nature are beneficial but also that any challenge in life can be accomplished if we just put our mind to it and work at it.

How did the "Nate pose" come about? And, how does it make you feel to see others adopt it?

The "Nate Pose" was actually coined by a fellow hiker. It happened on my third hike of 52 Hike Challenge. It was a trail I had never done before and everything I read online stated it was an easy hike. Well, it wasn't easy. Haha. It was strenuous. Once I got to the top, I was exhausted. My good friend Sara who joined me that day, instructed me to stand on a rock and pose for a picture. She asked me to do something other than stand and the only thing that came to mind was, "Man, I just conquered this beast of a mountain... I just want to scream!" And so I did. It was later she commented on the photo and was like, "Hey! That should be your pose! That should be the 'Nate Pose'!"

It's such an amazing feeling to see others adopt it. It just goes to show that one’s action can inspire others without one even knowing it. It was then I understood the power of social media and the positive impact it could have. Since, I plan out all my posts and make sure it's content that’s positive and uplifting.

What are three key things you believe are essential to building your personal brand?

Know your why. Why are you doing it? And then sell your why. Not your product. But you and your why. Number two, be genuine and be yourself. Last but not least, it has to make you happy. If you get caught up in expectations you can forget why you're doing it and it can lead to unhappiness.

What's a saying or quote you live by?

There are so many, but you have to know it's, "Trust Your Hustle". Pretty much, believe in yourself.

Who and/or what inspires you to do good?

The feeling I get when I see others happy. Nothing beats that.

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