Repurposed, old textiles go modern


Sinh (pronounced like “sin,” but with a rising “i” and flat elongated “n”) is a traditional Lao tube skirt that incorporate symbols, motifs, and patterns representing various life icons in Lao culture. Often taking several weeks to months to handcraft by weavers, the sinh is an iconic lifestyle piece worn by women in Laos every day. Traditionally, ornate designs in Lao fashion have largely been focused on women’s apparel. These garments are usually passed from mother to daughter to signify the bond and richness between generations. However, this tradition may sometimes overlook families without daughters. This gap inspired me to create another avenue to continue this legacy . By repurposing sinh into modern men's ties, sons can now adopt this tradition. #ProjectRepurpose was created.

#ProjectRepurpose begins with donated sinh from the Lao community that are refashioned into ties.  I take into consideration each unique pattern in order to best highlight these traditional styles.  Creating each individual tie takes me on a journey through time as I envision the wearer actively promoting the Lao culture in a new way. By fusing history with a modern style I turn these garments into wearable pieces again. These creations bear great honor representing the legacy of the Lao community of those who come before and after me. #ProjectRepurpose goes beyond fashion and trends. This line is about heritage and legacy that I hope to share with the masses to inspire consciousness and active engagement with your roots. 

#DoGood. #ProjectRepurpose supports organizations impacting Lao communities such as Lao Heritage Foundation and Legacies of War by donating a percent of proceeds from each sale. The first collection launched S/S 2016 and consisted of only 16 exclusive pieces that immediately sold out. Sinh donated exclusively by community leader Mrs. Bounheng Inversin was used to create the A/W 2016 #ProjectRepurpose collection. Email if you are interested in joining the movement (see below) or ordering a custom tie. 



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